If the aliens are using parabolic focal point laser pulse blasts (2-9-17).

The sensors would detect if from the source the parabolic is single or multiple parabolic .
That alone rules out quasar or pulsar natural phenomina. The problem is they may have developed a single parabolic with tube bundle perimeter. The AC ionic wave tube bundle as a thruster is not detectable across interstellar distances for being corona as such less luminous. Nonetheless such a pulse rocket if detectable is in our back yard only a few light years away or less. Unless their space ship has the colossal dimensions of the Star Wars Death Star.

If the alien pulse nozzle blasts at laser disentigration the sensitive instrumentation should look for Doppler blue shift because pointed in our direction the ship is decelerating. If the ship is accelerating away then red shift but unlike pulsar or quasar the fingerprint comparison with a real quasar or pulsar is different if of artificial origin.

The laser pulse motor used by aliens that is something that should interest SETI. If some spaceship in interstellar space is using laser pulse close enough to our Solar System with the nozzle pointed in our direction, it would be detectable by sensitive instrumentation and differ from a pulsar or quasar. How? For one thing mobility. Another is an abrupt stop in signal where they shut off their motors or do a change in direction. Most likely for Interstellar travel the pulses are nuclear fusion pulses but not excluding iceball disentigration pulses.

The proof the AC ionic wave motor is one hot spot corona is this experiment.

Looks the same as the earlier . The Difference?  In only three pulses the thrust exceeds the
Identical earlier experiment. Why? Because I intensified Corona one hot spot at the needle points by using two rebalser wires. This is not Capacitor equation. The rebalser wires have too small a cross sectional surface area for the capacitor equation to describe the intensity of the corona being generated.

Cigar shape sub type craft

Basically the cigar shaped nuclear submarine addresses the internal problem how to keep
The crew alive. It’s mechanical rotation of the propeller shaft easily adapts to the mechanical rotation of electric power generators a spaceship needs for its laser pulse motors. All this in an internal environment where the nuclear fission heat source poses no radiation health hazard for its crew. Water for pulse ball and water for reactor shielding. What’s the difference? One can go to the ice maker machine in the sub for ice in the tea. It’s a question of magnitude and proportion dimensioning for the ice balls showing up rapid fired at the parabolic focal point instead of iced tea for the crew.

Don’t confuse nuclear fission rocket with nuclear submarine

One must not confuse the direct nuclear fission rocket drive with the use of nuclear fission as in a submarine. The trouble with the nuclear fission rocket direct drive is the astronauts
are going to freeze their ass after That rocket is shut off. It only fires a few minutes. Then what? If no internal heating, that at Jupiter distance the breathing air will turn into liquid within the spaceship. internal temperatures dropping below minus 250 degrees sub zero.

More Pulse Ice ball Rocket Info

I can put my hand in a million degree flame if gas pressure is low enough and not get burned. In contrast to put my hand in a 100 degree boiling water would peel my skin off. The difference is molecular or particle density. Understanding that the pulse laser instantly raises the temperature of a one centimeter diameter ice ball at the focal point but when by expansion the detonation reaches the parabolic reflector the plasma density is well below the combustion chamber density of a chemical burn rocket but the molecular speed is astronomical for one million degrees. Moreover it’s virtually all radiation. At 50 pulses per second a very fine thruster. It’s like throwing away the combustion chamber and using only the nozzle for thrust. Pulse ice ball explosions eleminates the combustion chamber, pumps,etc. it’s a whole new ball game with different rules, different equations for accelerating a gas for thrust.