What electric field really is.

If by energetic collision an electron transforms into a positron, then somewhere in the vicinity a proton will transform into an antiproton. Why? Law of the conservation of charge. But what causes protons to have charge in the first place? If a proton has right handed nuclear spin, then the electron will have left handed nuclear spin or vice versa. So then it’s nuclear spin that determines wether a proton or electron electric field is positive or negative charged. That’s because black holes have spin and that spin ties in with why in the Universe protons are positive and electrons negative. Put more simply the matter that exists outside the event horizon was the product of black hole plasma blowout.


Electric field is energy in a state of spin around the nucleus unlike a rigid bar the dots on a bar spin more slowly toward the center. In energy spin all the dots have the same speed toward the nucleus. Goes into effect a moving charge creates a magnetic field for the dots all having the same speed as in a whirlpool toward the nucleus passing each other. Hence there is electromagnetic field exchange between a proton having an electron spinning around it in quantum jerks like a squiggly going down the stairs. Part of the squiggly is still, part in motion Hence the impossibility of determining both the speed and the position of an electron.


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