High sine wave frequencies require a soft powdered iron transformer coil


I have to make do with junk. Not easy to extract because the newer TV coils is in epoxy resin and the high voltage diode is impossible to recover. Fortunately I don’t need the diode as my motor is AC. The aliens don’t use powered iron core. They are using a piezo-electric stack impossible for me to get my hands on because the production equipment for producing  piezo electric high  power millions of volts sine wave AC doesn’t exist on this planet but can be built. No coils. They create direct vibrations bypassing coils from their nuclear turbine which is more efficient for powering the power in the megawatts piezoelectric stack. For what? Their corona thrust pipe bundle motors which can generate a high thrust both in the Earth’s atmosphere and in a vacume. Something like the Star
Treck Shuttle which lifts off from a planet’s surface and attains interstellar travel speeds for docking with the Interstellar fleet


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