More Pulse Ice ball Rocket Info

I can put my hand in a million degree flame if gas pressure is low enough and not get burned. In contrast to put my hand in a 100 degree boiling water would peel my skin off. The difference is molecular or particle density. Understanding that the pulse laser instantly raises the temperature of a one centimeter diameter ice ball at the focal point but when by expansion the detonation reaches the parabolic reflector the plasma density is well below the combustion chamber density of a chemical burn rocket but the molecular speed is astronomical for one million degrees. Moreover it’s virtually all radiation. At 50 pulses per second a very fine thruster. It’s like throwing away the combustion chamber and using only the nozzle for thrust. Pulse ice ball explosions eleminates the combustion chamber, pumps,etc. it’s a whole new ball game with different rules, different equations for accelerating a gas for thrust.


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