The Lenticular rocket jet (Eliminating the solid fuel boosters)


The lenticular rocket notes:

Additional advantage. If the jet intake is at the front, the curved perimeter becomes an air pre-cooling superior to standard designs permitting orbital velocity without solid stage boosting and Jettisoning any hardware. This is important for reducing the accumulation of space junk. Plus on the moon or Mars the interior can be modified for creating additional space for use off this planet as cargo carrier or for being roomy for the astronauts.


dec 5, 2016

The conventional rocket was an offshoot of the V-2 Backed by military interest. The lenticular rocket because of its low profile is a better re-entry and landing vehicle.


That the lenticular shape is aerodynamically unstable is pure bullcrap. Attach a rocket motor to any shape and the phenomena is called flying crowbar. Shape irrelevant. The thrust direction gives stability, pitch, yaw, turn. Some jet aircraft drop straight down if power is shut off. They haven’t been cancelled.


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