The 3 dimensional illustrative model (11-23-16)

Around the double spiral or room temperature gas or chemical burn. Either way the gas the emitter ionic wave particles collide with exit through the rebalser into the nozzle exhaust. There at the center the blue ionizer laser beam comes from the top exits through the center. For being nude metal tube electrically connected to the rebalser the ions in that tube ionized by the ultra violet laser acquire the same polarity as the insulated rebalser but as a laser beam the opposite polarity ions are attracted to. Hence two phenomena come into play. The lightening bolt that shoots out into a vacume and plasma whiplash by the magnetic field collapse for being AC polarity reversal hence magnetic field collapse with each polarity reversal. The motor is a lightening bolt in AC fireing out into space at high frequency. The particulars are complicated how an engineer would analyze it mathematically to explain how it generates thrust in such a bizarre way.


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