Experiment to elementary the rebalser

From Gene Watson – Inventor

Sphere with the syringe points flush with the sphere surface. I won’t reveal the circuitry. Besides it ties in with another circuitry I built in Sachse Texas  where I could feel a breeze a meter away from a single needlepoint. That was only 18 thousand volts back 30 years ago.

Gene Watson Weirding Field: UFOs, Rockets, Propulsion, Inventions Paperback – August 27, 2015 by Stephen Paul Watson (Author)




The 3 dimensional illustrative model (11-23-16)

Around the double spiral or room temperature gas or chemical burn. Either way the gas the emitter ionic wave particles collide with exit through the rebalser into the nozzle exhaust. There at the center the blue ionizer laser beam comes from the top exits through the center. For being nude metal tube electrically connected to the rebalser the ions in that tube ionized by the ultra violet laser acquire the same polarity as the insulated rebalser but as a laser beam the opposite polarity ions are attracted to. Hence two phenomena come into play. The lightening bolt that shoots out into a vacume and plasma whiplash by the magnetic field collapse for being AC polarity reversal hence magnetic field collapse with each polarity reversal. The motor is a lightening bolt in AC fireing out into space at high frequency. The particulars are complicated how an engineer would analyze it mathematically to explain how it generates thrust in such a bizarre way.

The laser gas ionizer added to the AC ionic wave rocket motor


The ionizing laser firing through the rebalser conducter tube into the nozzle exhaust. Center is closely related to.The phenomena of lightening fireing upwards into space photographed by astronauts from storm Clouds below them as seen from the International Space Station.

I think I have it figured out. At least partially. Remember a fluorescent tube at low gas pressure needs only 400 volts AC for a meter long tube to glow across its entire length?  The interstellar fleet source added an ultraviolet laser that shot straight down the center of the hollow conductor of the spiral rebalser and out into space. Ultraviolet laser ionizes applying to the center of the exhaust past the rebalser the rebalser nude center current. That means an intensification of thrust by intensification of ionic waves.