Gravity is a monopolar attractive energy field


Disparity in that gravitational energy sour rounding a mass is more Concentrated closer to the mass.
The a means delta sum acceleration disparity better understood as a visual aid by
Coloring two dots or balls and simulating the field as color fading to transparent with
Distance. As a color illustration the overlapping colors more intense between the two
Masses hence the disparity is attractional monopolar gravitational. But here we are
Talking of created energy surrounding a created mass. The problem with Space Curvature is the Michelson Morley Experiment said its not possible to measure from
Any mass to a point in space, even an inch away from your nose. Tha also affects
Speed from a point is space and acceleration from a point in space. Then it is only
Possible for two or more real objects in space to say distance, speed ,acceleration. Them Space Curvature is a misnomer where what is intended is a real gravitational
Created energy field.


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