Lunar Base (Updated 11-1-2015)

Title: 3D Laser Print Can Also Make Lasers More Powerful

Crucible vacuum deposited tungsten mirror coated with Al2O3 (Aluminum Oxide) laser melt for no oxidation. 3D laser fused transparent refractory glass examp AL2O3 ((Aluminum Oxide).


pressure relief {
CO2 Gas
(Raising the temperature a motor can remain solid raises its performance. That’s why 3D laser melt is revolutionary)
Laser Beam


Refractory 3D laser formed can also make nuclear fission rockets and jets more powerful for use in space. Application also in ionic and plasma rocket thrust motors, chemical burn motors.


Built on the moon (spaceship) from fused lunar sand (3D laser melt).
Illustration #3
Detaches and returns to the moon (spaceship).
Rockets, fuel X2, landing skids (detachable part).

Orbit to orbit interplanetary spaceship with artificial gravity (by spinning) ->  Lunar orbit assembly.

To melt anything requires a crucible having a higher melting point. The laser resolves that problem by melting powder that instantly solidifies making the object being 3D lasered its own crucible. For the reason Dupont Can produce in 60 pound bags cheap metal oxides and carbides as powder that liquifies some past 3 thousand degrees centigrade. It spells a revolution in industrial processes. Cars and gas turbines even more effecient. Rocket turbines more effecient, Jet engines lighter and more powerful. The economic headache how to give Industry its start off this planet resolved. Why? its been only a few years ago the first laser was used to melt high refactory temperature powders into useful devices and that has excited interest in a return to the moon.IMG_01433D Printing On The Moon – Pulsed Laser – Thorium Oxide or Dioxide

Pulsed laser fuses the powder (TIC Titanium Carbide, Thorium Oxide) to a hard solid.

Eliminates crucible pouring.IMG_0136 IMG_0139
“Here is a crucible upgrade: You see the slightly concave mirror that can be tested on earth results in a much higher temperature at its focal point. The flat mirrors seen square better made round because the sun is round and that results in a round focal point on the crucible. The flat mirrors keep their focus on the collector mirror by computer driven electric motors of the mirrors for the moons two week long day.”IMG_0138
“The 3 D laser printer that can get its data transmitted a continent away is the big breakthrough. You see I worked for an outfit that mixed Dupont metal oxides to give the colors of ceramic tile. Forget the tile. That powder in 60 pound sacks
very cheap I remember some names. Titanium oxide, Aluminum oxide. The 3D laser printer doesn’t care. Fused Aluminum Oxides is transparent, can cut glass like a diamond, remains solid at temperatures iron melt, is light weight. Thats the big discovery. Common Lunar Dirt transformed into big buildings on the moon bigger than hangers for aircraft on earth. Businesses want a piece of the action.”

“Actually its like a business that specializes in building a factory where afterwards the interior is equipped with the machinery for production where the workers can work in a shirt sleeve environment. A lot of production gets done in a shirt sleeve environment. The challenge for engineers is to build and interconnect the various work buildings air tight by 3D laser data tele transport to the moon. Then in a shirt sleeve environment people on the moon make the machines that make production machines for creating the whole spectrum of what NASA needs to build its own spaceships off this planet and collect helium 3. Is it costly? On the contrary it is profitable. Like Alaska sold as a wilderness was worth less than after Americans built cities there.”

“Artificial gravity is not for lunar bases but interplanetary orbit to orbit spaceships. For exercize on the moon within an atmospheric environment a good gym. That excites the imagination like basketball with the net higher. For ordinary movement ancle weights and arm weights suffices because without these people indoors prefer to hop like a rabbit which affects evolution.”

“The problem with science fiction they don’t show how things can be made in a vacuum with todays technologies. Hense erroneously assume the cost for a lunar colony is prohibitive. Actually not only can 3D printing make objects from lunar dirt, also adjoin metals by merely changing the powder used. The only criteria is no gas formation in the melt. By controlling the robotics from earth its close to tela transport. What is being tela transported is data not matter.”


Two Ducted Fan Lift Vehicle (UpDated Oct. 28, 2015)

IMG_0137“I decided to upgrade the flying car design so the car can fit in the family garage. The wheels dont need to turn fast. They are for parking the car, like better positioning in a parking lot, entering and leaving the family garage. The tesla car motors already developed would be powerful enough for vertical lift. Important an electronic box the batteries don’t overcharge under any circumstances. The Tesla car maker has that already for their cars.”
IMG_0063 flying_carGWIMG_0095