basicaly plasma is very hot. ions can be as cold as near absolute zero.


I solved the arc discharge barrier. Its really an AC corona motor with no arc breakdown barrier. That permits me to raise the electric field intensity to very high values. Fully developed, the AC ionic thruster can generate tons of static thrust at higher than chemical burn exhaust speeds in both space and atmospheric environment. The DC ionic thruster designed for vacume doesnt work in the atmosphere and in space its static thrust is the weight of one sheet of typing paper. That you see low thrust values is because I built my device with plastic. The motor high static thrust has to be unbreakable glass at cutting edge technology meaning sophisticated lab and expensive high Voltage equipment. Area 51 Skunk works technology.


One thought on “basicaly plasma is very hot. ions can be as cold as near absolute zero.

  1. AC corning glass ionic thruster generates tonnage static thrust in oth an atmospheric evnironment and in the vacume of space by merely keeping the supplied gas pressure high. If the gas pressure is reduced the isp or exast speed rises far exceeding chemical burn but the static thrust reduces. Thats because of the power mv square formula where the applied electrical power is held constant. The focus is in generating a powerful high voltage radio frequency sine wave no spikes powersupply light weight with recent developments in superconductivity it is possible. The AC generators are the
    heavyweight vacume tubes related to powerful radio transmitters already in use.

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