A weird experiment

I did no tighten the shaft well enough. In the middle of the experiment the magnets stopped spinning. Notice the iron was not accelerated. Two of the three aluminum strips were thrown. So then what the spinning magnets can people used for. It’s a fine magnetic clutch that doesn’t wear out because no friction contact. That has application on electric bicycles. No peddle start.

All It takes is an simple hollow aluminum tube  with the magnets spinning inside. By removing the iron the motor smoothly accelerates to top speed.  Adding a flywheel. To the motor shaft increases torque.

The FORCE be with you experiment 3

It’s aluminum and copper here being accelerated

As you can see in the moving picture. The aluminum is not at all attracted to the permanent magnets. When the magnets are spinning, the aluminum or copper is dragged in the direction of motion without being attracted downward toward the magnets. So the aluminum is thrown tangent like mud on a spinning wheel.

X Ray Culminator (Drawing)


The culminator idea is old for generating intense x rays

The military opted for funding inferior laser for the nuclear fusion ball or bell which is inferior for what the military would get out of it. A powerful laser weapon. The culminator is what nuclear fusion research needed but as a weapon X rays dissipate its energy in the atmosphere a weapon inferior. They deliberately piddled to delay the harnessing of nuclear fusion.