4 pole spinning intense permanent magnet armature


I should get several hundred cycles per sec sine wave high voltage AC with this. It will take several days for the fiberglass resin to get hard before a spin test. It makes two sine waves per revolution. The oscilloscope will tell me how many sine waves per second. The winding not spinning but fixed will permit me to experiment with several winding coils for coming up with something adequate.

The resin hardened faster. Vibration problem under control. See that candle? See that hardened resin? By applying either while liquid between two high voltage dc plates until solid a new electronic device called a permanent dielectric is created. I knew this when I that that flying saucer in Sachse Texas in 1988.  So what? So cut like pie pieces and every other inverted fused into a disc then spinning gives AC high voltage out wireless. The same can be designed into a stack and that generator I had in mind using some 30 years ago.


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