Why the a.c. ion wave motor is significant

t’s not plasma. The accelerated ions can be cold. It’s that the rebalser is high puncture strength fused metal oxide coated so there can be no Arc breakdown under any circumstances. It’s only the leading edge of uncoated metal tubes where ionization occurs. This means in a vacuumed environment the a.c. frequency must be high. How high requires experimental data. The dc ion motor for vacuumed environment requires both emitter and collector to be exposed metal. The thrust is low because increasing the voltage past corona results in a hot spot created on the collector causing arc breakdown. The Rebalser for being non conductor high puncture strength won’t break down hence can give a higher static thrust in a vacuum. The Rebalser can only work with a.c. A hint is one Colomb charge seperated one meter distance can lift the weight of a battleship out of the water. So then the force hence acceleration in Ac useing realised is potentially enormous but the energy is not free. It must come through the a.c. generator by rocket turbine high speed torque. The generator size hence weight can be reduced with superconductivity.


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