A 16 thousand volt sine wave a.c. power supply


I succeeded in building A 16 thousand volt sine wave a.c. power supply. It will take awhile to do some testing to get the new measurements what the new separation distance between the Ac emitter and rebalser should be. I estimate twice the distance about 16 to 20 millimeters. I anticipate a thrust from two to four times what it was at 10 thousand volts. It could be even greater because a lot of variables change. Increase in current, voltage, and avalanche distance, volume of air effected.

Update: It failed to deliver 18 thousand volts under load because one transformer acted like a short while the other applied 8 thousand Volts to the load. The problem is the internal writing I can’t change sealed in tar. The motor moved but at 8 thousand volt potential. I got better results with my 10 thousand volt transformer. To get past 10 thousand volts I have to build a transformer from scratch or buy one already built. To have a transformer custom made costs a lot of money because of setup and tooling costs for anything not mass produced.


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