The breakthrough is this…

Tension from 10 thousand volts to a million across the same one centimeter wc strip separating the emitter to rebalser. The static thrust would raise enormously but the insulation on the rebalser would have to be adjusted but not by much because glass as thin as the plastic I’m useing could take 80 thousand volts where I’m using 10 thousand. In contrast with DC the inverse because with DC both the emitter and collector has to be nude metal. No insulation.

That means reducing tension with altitude to about 300 volts some 60 miles up and with that static thrust. To increase distance between emitter and rebalser works even better eliminating putting a number one behind the other for the AC motor which won’t break down into arc discharge even if rained on because of its insulated rebalser. The AC motor for its weight can be thousands of times more powerful than it’s DC motor counterpart for the same weight. It merely takes engineers picking up where I left off. Without funding I’m limited to scotch tape and scissors.


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