AC Rebalser


I already said what that black strip is. Remember the American Flag? That saucer with the black strip is the wco2 accelerator that separates the plasma wave emitter from the half capacitor AC rebalser.

Rebalser is Italian for bounce like a ball bounces from a wall.

In this case the balls are waves of ionized positive followed by negative covalent bond gases in rapid succession with the electrons leaving the rebalser surface to neutralize the plus molecules without slowing down hence rebalser. When the molecules are negative the electrons leave the gas molecules for having passed so close to the rebalser surface. Like a shaving razer cuts your whiskers only while passing close to the face.

It has to be AC otherwise the rebalser half capacitor will fully charge and that’s stopping the motion of a shaving razor on your skin while shaving. That’s why dc won’t work the way this motor is designed.

The horizontal wc is for vertical lift. I don’t need it. The horizontal wc suffices to demonstrate the motor works. With no funding that’s the best I can do. Aliens with a big lead have a variety  of advanced propulsion motors. Be content I have one that


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