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Revised Steady State Theory and SnapBack by Gene Watson

Does The Universe Blinks On And Off  = False

A person claims that the entire universe literally blinks, off and on, at more than 1 trillion cycles every second (1.1 THz). Is that bullshit?

My theory about the Universe is a modified Steady State Theory.

The original steady state theory got debunked by the Hubble Red Shift discovery. The bizarre popping in and out of existence of strange particles fits in with the SnapBack of electromagnetic waves.


A lot of scientific theories are wrong or partially right. Scientists like Maxwell concentrated on linear electromagnetic wave propagation. They know nothing about SnapBack. Without SnapBack the So called expansion of the Universe is not understood correctly. It would take another Maxwell to describe mathematically the SnapBack characteristics of what they now know partially as linear wave propagation only.

What is SnapBack?

An electromagnetic wave longer that 18 thousand cycles SnapBack to the wire. In interstellar Space no wire to SnapBack to. Where does that energy go? It undergoes a geometrical re-configuration resulting in particles that pop in and out of detection. It’s not easy to mathematically describe but that is what SnapBack is which makes expansion theory partially false.


For that electromagnetic waves must gradually red shift over billions of years after they have been radiated out into space and not absorbed. When the frequency drops below 18,000 cycles per second there is no wire for the energy to back to so it closes loop like beating a spoon on a glass of water and seeing the waves deflected from the rim back toward the center. Hence a nucleus popping in and out of existence. In this state it’s dark matter that falls back towards galaxies where it gets absorbed by black holes. In short the Universe is constantly rendering itself so the over all picture doesn’t change. The total sum of matter and energy in the universe is a finite constant neither increasing nor diminishing.

The popping in and out of existence of sub atomic particles is not really that. It’s the geometrical re-configuration I illustrated where the nucleus briefly pops in and out of existence but not the whole electromagnetic wave. When the nucleus isn’t there, is because it’s in its electromagnetic wave. So that explains the quantum theory. The whole universe doesn’t blink on and off because it’s not synchronized to do that.

The three stable “particles” are the proton, electron, and neutron. The electromagnetic wave is stable in a state of travel. Well actually the force between the electron and proton is electromagnetic wave exchange. The blinking particles, means like a squiggly when the energy is compressed then nucleus when dispersed no nucleus. In the brief non nucleus condition can pass through solid matter till the nucleus re-appears again. For an electron that is the tunnel effect used in electronics theorized by Einstein who was the first to theorize the blinking on and off of the sub atomic particle which the quantum theory is an elaboration/confabulation.


Time Travel (False)

There is no reverse time travel.

Put more simply the square root of a negative is fiction. If time is treated in equations as a forth dimension, then the equation contains the square root of a negative number. Einstein’s Lorentz Equation (he got that equation from Lorentz) is the Pythagorean triangle except speed in meters/sec substitutes for distance where the speed of light squared by the speed of light squared gives the number 1 minus linear speed squared divided the speed speed of light squared square rooted is the famous Einstein radical square root of 1 minus V squared/c squared. Removing the radical with transfer gives the equation Pythagorean c squared equals v squared plus vx squared. Simple trigonometry.


Worm Holes (False)

There is no such a thing as a wormhole. Very simple inside the spaceship the spaceship clock counts I second but on earth the clock on earth 4 seconds have passed. That’s a four to one ratio so then by the clock aboard the spaceship they traveled 4 light years in one year. But on earth 4 years have really passed for real. To the crew aboard the spaceship they say warp 4 as compared to 4 times light speed not as if they are traveling at four times light speed but as if they were sitting in a time machine moving forward in time. While traveling a transmission from their destination they see as the tape was spinning 4 times faster and the people on the TV screen moving 4 times faster. While at the same time another TV screen has received a transmission from earth the spaceship is moving away from the people moving and talking four times slower.



Faster Than Light Travel (False)

In terms of physical reality actually the Universal constant is a smidgen above light speed. The result is red shift not that of measuring change in distance but intrinsic elongation to SnapBack. Hence nothing can leave the Universe. At light speed opposite poles electric and magnetic are trying to close loop like a bug trying to move in frozen amber but can’t. Why Not? That 1 second at zero linear speed divided by the Lorentz radical Einstein used gives the passage of time ratio. At light speed very close to zero like expecting a sculpture made of rigid chalk to move. Why? All motion is linear very near light speed. The neat thing is closed loop is what matter is made of. The atoms, sub atomic particles etc. that means well below light speed life is normal. The cows eating grass in the meadow, birds flying sort of thing.

Why no spaceship can accelerate near light speed Einstein’s radical says mass increase. Bullshit. The kinetic energy gets added to rest mass and the equation treats both as one rest mass. So that means it takes as much propellant to decelerate as it took to get to that speed and not even antimatter as propellant mass on board suffices for near light speed. The spaceship is doing good to get up to half light speed because it needs that additional propellant to decelerate slow enough to go in orbit around some celestial body at its destination. That a particle accelerator can accelerate ionic atoms to near light speed is because they are not trying to accelerate an entire spaceship weighing many tuns but the weight of a fart out the ass of an astronaut to near light speed.

Nuclear rocket and jet


Basically the fission material substitutes for the jet burn canister and the rocket chamber. It’s product is intense heat that heats a compressed gas. Fission temperature rises in proximity of fission material below critical mass. Very dangerous stuff as neutrons can penetrate a cement block a yard wide. The special rods prevent fission material exposure to oxygen so radioactive rust won’t get blown out.